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Data archives

[Image title] Data obtained with CCD cameras at ULO are systematically archived for use by students (or other interested astronomers). The links on this page point to a search facility and/or lists of the contents of the data archives rather than the data themselves, which are available for students on-line, or (for others) can be obtained on request.

Using an account running on any machine at ULO, archive data can be found on-line in dated subdirectories in /archive/allen/ and /archive/radcliffe/. Data which has not yet been archived is in dated subdirectories in /scope-data/allen/ and /scope-data/radcliffe/.

Archive information currently available

  • Allen archive search: An interface for searching the Allen log of CCD spectrograph observations.
  • Radcliffe archive search: An interface for searching the Radcliffe log of CCD observations.
  • (A separate archive of images obtained with the C14 telescopes is maintained as a MySQL database; this database is not currently on open access.)