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The log of the Allen archive contains a record of every observation made with the Allen telescope and CCD camera since 1990, and is complete up to June 2005.

Search by object name using the form below. You may search on any field, or more than one.

See the notes for an explanation.


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  1. Stars are recorded in the Allen log under the following names (in order of priority, if more than one name exists for a given star):
    • by HR number (Bright Star Catalogue number)
    • and Bayer letter (e.g., alpha Ori)
    • or Flamsteed number (e.g., 10 Per), if no Bayer designation exists;
    • or by Argelander designation for variable stars, (e.g., FU Ori, V465 Cas);
    • or by HD number, if none of the above exist.
    If in doubt search on more than one field.
  2. Non-stellar objects such as galaxies, clusters, and nebulae are listed first by NGC number, then by Messier number, then by any other name. Other non-stellar objects include Solar System objects such as planets and comets.
  3. Any name in a format other than those allowed above may be tried here. E.g., for a single component of a multiple stellar system, specify the component number between the Bayer letter and the constellation name, separated with a space (e.g., "chi 2 Ori").
  4. Note that the search is done by string-matching, so object names/numbers must be entered exactly according to the formats specified. Also, a simple string-match means that strange results may occasionally be obtained - a search for "M 1" will also produce a list of observations of "M 110". And the search for stars of a particular spectral type may also produce some odd results.

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Author: Steve Fossey
Last modified: 2001 July 20