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Prospective Students

Astronomy is one of the most interesting and exciting subjects to study, and explaining the beauty of the night sky is deeply rewarding. Being based on a firm mathematical and physics foundation, it prepares a student for many careers both inside and outside of the field. UCL gives students an advantage by offering an integrated astronomy and astrophysics programme, rather than merely extending a basic physics degree with a few astronomy modules. Topics such as spectroscopy, thermodynamics and quantum theory are taught in an astronomical context. One of the key areas that makes UCL stand out is that in-depth practical work takes place at a telescope at UCLO, breeding a familiarity with instrumentation and methods.

To get you started with undergraduate courses, check out the following links:

If you are looking for an evening course in higher education you can visit the UCL Certificate of Higher Education in Astronomy page and have a look at our Certificate web site.

We invite you to spend a little time browsing the rest of the site to find out what makes our observatory unique. Through the menu to the left you can discover lots about our research, outreach and latest news, in addition to our telescopes and classes.