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The design and implementation of this web site is the work of Thomas Schlichter, who has paid considerable attention to usability and standards compliance, including disabled access.

Content management is now principally in the hands of Ian Howarth, but many people have contributed over the years. Here is a (probably incomplete) list of contributors, in alphabetical order. If you know of anyone who has been left out (including yourself) please let us know and we'll add the name to the list. (We also include the names of those who worked on the UCLO Certificate/Diploma web site here.)

Matt Austin, Deb Barker, Juliette Blum, Stephen J Boyle, Chris Clark, Chris Dolding, Michael M Dworetsky, Stephen J Fossey, Ian Howarth, Ron Holder, Jannis Kiesewalter, Sam Levison, Mick Pearson, Will Reece, Deborah Scammell, Thomas (Theo) Schlichter, Peter K Thomas, Cathy White, Dugan Witherick.