Communications from ULO Number 80 

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Abstract      HTML version

Title pages,  (355k) detailed contents. (57k)

Chapter 1. (325k)Introduction.  Overview, objectives, review, theories.  (68k)

Chapter 2. (2.6M) Observations and Reduction.  Programme stars, observations, extractions, calibrations.  (641k)

Chapters 3 and 4. (889k) Spectrum analysis, sources of input data such as
temperatures, microturbulence, and atomic parameters.  (164k)

Chapter 5. (569k) Abundance analysis and results by element.  (121k)

Chapter 6.(239k)Comparison to the literature. (47k)

Chapter 7. (1.08M)Discussion.  Trends with temperature, anomalous results, comparison with theory. (244k)

Chapter 8. (227k) Comments and conclusions. (45k)

Appendix A. (164k) Full line list for Upsilon Herculis. (33k)

Appendix B. (158k)Abundance results. (30k)

References.(155k) (34k)