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Public Visits

ATTENTION! The Public Tour scheduled on the 1st of February has been cancelled due to adverse weather condition and safety precautions. The Tour will be rescheduled to another Friday. Please email and for rescheduling details.

The Observatory is a private teaching and research establishment, not a tourist attraction; it is not open to visitors, except as summarised below.

Please note that Public Tours are fully booked for the academic year 2018/19. Bookings for the academic year 2019/20 will open in September next year.

The Observatory holds free public open evenings, roughly fortnightly, on Fridays during UCL's autumn and winter terms (October–March inclusive), 18:30–19:40 and 19:45–20:55. The earlier tour may be preferable for families with children, but note that the content and nature of the tours (including negotiating some steep, open-tread stairs) mean they may not be suitable for all children younger than 7–8 years old. (A Saturday-evening tour is usually also offered each term for visitors unable to attend on Fridays for, in particular, religious reasons; these visits start at 19:00.)

Visitors are given a short introduction to the Observatory by one of the guides, then divided into groups for a guided tour of the telescopes and facilities. During the tour season, only about 1 evening in 3 or 4 is clear, and in any event it may be the case that neither the Moon nor the brighter planets are well placed for viewing. Nonetheless, if weather permits, visitors will normally be given the opportunity to view the sky through the Fry 8-inch refractor.

N.B. – unfortunately, the site is not wheelchair-friendly, with gravelled grounds and steep stairways. Disabled visitors, and those of limited mobility, should contact us well in advance to discuss access requirements.

There is no on-site visitor parking (other than by prior arrangement for disabled visitors). Recommendations for reaching the site are given here.


Advance booking is essential; tours are very popular, and places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. A calendar of tour availability is given below; note that we have a strict limit on numbers, so even if there are "places available", this may mean only a single space.

Bookings requests should be made through the Observatory administrator, Mrs Kay Nakum, by email to

Sessions may be cancelled at short notice if, in our view, extreme weather conditions make it hazardous to travel to the Observatory or to visit the grounds (e.g., ice or snow). Under such circumstances we will make every reasonable effort to contact booked visitors, and an alternative session will be offered. Because of this, it is a requirement that a valid contact phone number be communicated to Kay or via email when booking, for each booking.

Schools visits

For school visits please see our Outreach information.

Private visits

We will consider requests for private group visits, subject to scheduling constraints. The itinerary will be similar to that for regular public tours (and is subject to the same caveats concerning weather conditions). Daytime visitors may be able to view the Sun using our specialised equipment. Charges are levied to cover staffing costs: 1–12 persons, £120; 13–24, £180. We regret that groups larger than 24 cannot normally be accommodated until some of our site works are completed.

Personal programmes

From time to time we receive requests from amateur astronomers and others wishing to use Observatory equipment for personal research programmes. We regret that we must decline such requests, because of our teaching schedules, and because of H&S and security considerations. Interested parties may gain supervised access to the telescopes through our Certificate in Astronomy.

Tours will be timetabled below for the period October 2018 to March 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: We have disabled Google calendar due to inconsistencies with booking times and replaced them with currently filled and available slots)

[Note that the Saturday slots are intended principally for those who, for religious or other reasons, are unable to attend on Fridays.]

26/10/18 18.30 fully booked
26/10/18 19.45 fully booked
23/11/18 19.30 fully booked
23/11/18 20.45 fully booked
24/11/18 19.30 fully booked
24/11/18 20.45 fully booked
07/12/18 19.30 fully booked
07/12/18 20.45 fully booked
18/01/19 18.30 fully booked
18/01/19 19.45 fully booked
01/02/19 19.30 fully booked
01/02/19 20.45 fully booked
15/02/19 18.30 fully booked
15/02/19 19.45 fully booked
01/03/19 18.30 fully booked
01/03/19 19.45 fully booked
15/03/19 18.30 fully booked
15/03/19 19.45 fully booked
29/03/19 19.30 fully booked
29/03/19 20.45 fully booked