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Summer Building Work at the Observatory

During the Summer months of 2007, the Observatory will be undergoing a programme of renovations. This building work involves the renovation and re-organization of the ground floor rooms in the Wilson Building and its external stripping and repainting, floor repairs to the Fry dome, and construction of a partition to create a foyer under the Radcliffe. There is also scheduled redecoration of other areas such as the North classroom and complete refurbishment of the toilets.

As a result, the Observatory is closed to visitors until the end of September. The computer network remains operational and most of the routine administrative, teaching, and research tasks can be carried out (except most observing and telescope maintenance). The library is mostly accessible. It is hoped that the Celestron C-14 can be available later during the Summer because it is the easiest telescope to uncover.

Dr. Mike Dworetsky
Director, University of London Observatory

The Fry telescope boxed up and with open floor. The Fry telescope while being boxed in, completely wrapped up, and with the floor partially removed.

The remains of the old kitchen. The old kitchen has been removed and the new kitchen will be built in the former Coelostat room.

The new kitchen area. The new kitchen area in the former Coelostat room.

The control room during redecoration. The control room is going to be completely refurbished.

Delivery of building materials. Delivery of building materials.