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The Partial Solar Eclipse on 29 March 2006 seen from UCLO

WARNING: Under no circumstances look at the sun through an unfiltered telescope.

The day started out with thick cloud cover.

Thankfully the weather cleared up a bit just in time, providing enough opening in the cloud cover to observe the event. The second image below was taken without any filter - the filtering was done by the clouds.

We were filming the sun in H-alpha throughout the event, using first a colour PlanetCam and later a black-and-white Astrovid 2000 on our Solarscope. This was piggy-backed on our 10in Meade telescope. From this footage we extracted the stills below.

We also had departmental staff and postgraduate students based at Gower Street visiting the Observatory. With the weather playing along they did not regret having made the short trip to Mill Hill.