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UCLO News 2006

Indirect Observation of Exo-Planets from UCLO

The Celestron C14 and SBIG STL6303E CCD camera have been commissioned over the summer, ready for use in student teaching in the 2006 autumn term.

Outside teaching hours a UCL 4th-year project student, Dan Smith, is using the telescope and CCD to observe the transits of extrasolar planets. Read more...

Annual NAGTY Day at UCLO on 15 August 2006

On 15 August 2006 the annual NAGTY day at UCLO took place. Thankfully the sky opened up in the afternoon and everybody had a chance to look at the sun through a telescope with a solar filter. Read more...

Solar prominence on 11 May 2006

On 11 May 2006 Mike Perason, Technician at the Observatory, recorded a huge solar prominence. Read more...

Celestron C14 Update April 2006

We are currently commissioning the new Celestron C14 and new kit has been added. Read more...

The Partial Solar Eclipse on 29 March 2006 seen from UCLO

Our hopes for reasonably good weather were fulfilled and we had enough gaps in the cloud cover to follow most of the event. We recorded the eclipse with videocameras through our Solarscope in H-alpha and could extract a number of images. Read more...