An Atlas of Stellar Spectra with an Outline of Spectral Classification

W.W. Morgan, Philip C. Keenan and Edith Kellman

The University of Chicago Press

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The MKK Atlas

Since its publication in 1943, the MKK Atlas has been the fundamental reference for the MK system of spectral classification of normal stars. The original Atlas was distributed as a series of 55 photographic plates showing standard spectra for each class with accompanying hand–written notes. There is also a booklet giving in–depth notes on the process of classification and the features by which luminosity and temperature class are determined. As this Atlas is both rare and delicate, digital copies of both the plates and the booklet are here made available to the astronomical community.

Photographic Plates

MKK Atlas Booklet  (PDF  PostScript  G'zipped PostScript)

Preface to the ULO Version

This version of the MKK Atlas was produced by M. M. Dworetsky and W. R. Reece at the University of London Observatory, University College London, with permission from the copyright holders, The University of Chicago Press.

While every effort has been made to ensure that this version of the Atlas is a faithful copy of the original, mistakes may have occurred. Please submit corrections to mmd AT

This version includes a table of contents, a list of tables and a star name index not included in the original version of the Atlas.

High resolution scans of the catalogue plates are available on the World Wide Web. The home page for these is /library/catalogues/mkkatlas/. We thank Miss Deborah Scammell for performing the plate scanning.

University of London Observatory,
Mill Hill Park, London.
July 2004.

Copyright Information

The original MKK Atlas is copyright The University of Chicago Press. Full details can be found in the preface of the electronic version of the MKK Atlas Booklet or in the original. Permission to create a full electronic copy of this work has been granted by UCP to University College London for non–profit educational and scientific purposes only.

This site, the electronic booklet and all plate scans are copyright University College London. Anyone wishing to mirror this site will need permission from University College London and The University of Chicago Press.

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