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UCL's Astronomical Observatory in Mill Hill

UCLO from the south

The Observatory is one of the best-equipped astronomical facilities for student training and research in the UK. SN2014J, 2014/01/23;  roll over for ID.

The bright type Ia supernova SN2014J was discovered at UCLO on 2014 Jan 21 by Steve Fossey, leading a team of students; this colour image was obtained on the night of Jan 23/24 (mouse over for identification; click for full-resolution image).

UCL press release "Astronomer's Telegram" postings
Slooh broadcast AAVSO light-curve
Steve wins Communications Award Pre-discovery images: (1), (2)


Comet Lovejoy, 2015 Jan 18
(click for larger image)

Flyby of asteroid 2004 BL86 on the night of 2015 Jan 26, observed from UCLO.
This animated gif is a composite of ten 30-s exposures (with 9-s readouts between exposures), starting 22:50.
[18x24 arcmin, N up, E left;
click image for details, and a longer video]