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[Aerial view of ULO]
Photographs of ULO and the Telescopes

ULO today

A view from the front of the Observatory.
An aerial view of ULO.

The Radcliffe 18/24-inch refractor

A drawing of the Radcliffe 18/24" twin astrographic refractor.
The Radcliffe telescope in its dome, on the east side of the pier.
The Radcliffe telescope on the west side of the pier, looking south-east.
A modern view of the Radcliffe telescopes, showing the refurbished breech end. The control system consoles are in the background.

The Allen 24-inch reflector

The Allen telescope. 24" Cassegrain Reflector
A student looking through the finder of the Allen telescope.

The Joynson 6-inch refractor

A view of the Joynson 6" refracting telescope
Another view of the Joynson.
A view of the Joynson from the east side of the pier.

Early photographs of the Wilson and Radcliffe domes and Radcliffe construction

The dedication of the new Wilson building in 1927
The old papier-mache dome being torn off the Wilson building.
The Radcliffe in a workshop full of big telescopes (at Grubb?).
The mount of the radcliffe telescope being positioned in its original location in Oxford, circa 1902.
A view of the Radcliffe dome under construction in 1938.
Another view of the Radcliffe dome under construction.
The declination axle of the Radcliffe telescope being moved into its new housing at ULO.
A view of the Fry and Radcliffe domes ca. 1949
The Director, Mr. C.C.L. Gregory, E.M. Peachey, and A. Carew, on motorbikes at the Observatory gates, ca. 1950

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