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Access Keys

The following access keys are implemented for all UCLO pages with new styling:

  • S - Skip to Main Content
  • 0 - Access Key Listing
  • 1 - Home
  • 3 - Site Map
  • 4 - Search
  • 6 - Help
  • 9 - Feedback

Our implementation follows the UK Government access keys standard.

Browser Implementation Issues

Most browsers activate access keys by pressing "ALT + key". For Internet Explorer this needs to be followed by pressing ENTER.

An overview of the different browser behaviours can be found on the BBC's Accesskeys Page.

Firefox 2.0

The default access key activation in Firefox has changed from "ALT + key" in version 1.5 to "ALT-SHIFT + key" in version 2.0.

Numerical access keys were broken in version but fixed from version

It is possible to revert to the old behaviour of access key activation via the ALT key by modifying the browser configuration:

  • - enter "about:config" in the address bar
  • - enter "ui" in the filter bar
  • - find line
     ui.key.contentAccess        default   integer   5
  • - double-click on the line and modify its value to 4

This modification changes the menu-activation keys from ALT-SHIFT to ALT.