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Printing at UCLO

All UCLO printers can be accessed from Windows and Linux via the usual print dialogues. Command line printing is available under Linux.

1st-Year Classroom Printer (North Wing)

The default printer is an A4 colour HP 2230 Business Inkjet. Its UNIX print queue name is ulo_nwcolour.

3rd-Year Classroom Printers (South Wing)

The default printer is an A4 black and white HP 2100 Laserjet with UNIX print queue name ulo_swlaser. Also available is a colour HP 2230 Business Inkjet, and its UNIX print queue name is ulo_swcolour.

Library Printers

The Library houses a Konica-Minolta Bizhub 250 A3/A4 black and white printer and copier, with UNIX print queue name ulo_liblaser. Also available is a large-format A3+ colour HP 2800 Business Inkjet, with UNIX print queue name ulo_hp2800.

Access to the HP 2800 is usually restricted to staff, please see the UCLO system administrator if you need large format colour printing.

Printing from the Command Line

The print system recognises a large number of filetypes and will print them correctly without additional user specification. For example, to print a file named test.jpg from the command line to the laser printer in the library, type

 lp -d ulo_liblaser test.jpg

This will do all the nessecary conversions and send the file to the selected printer. If the destination printer is omitted, the file will print on the default printer.