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The Asteroid Cluster at Physics in Gower Street

The Asteroid cluster is operated by the Department of Physics and Astronomy and provides Linux-based computing facilities to the Department's undergraduate students. Access priority is given to MSci students working on final-year projects.

The cluster terminals are located in room A19 in the Physics Building. The principal source of information is the wiki pages


All account requests need to be made by students' supervisors or course leaders by sending an email to the asteroid administrator.

Please note that such requests cannot be made by students themselves, you do have to contact your supervisor or course leader and ask her/him to make a request for you.

Account requests need to state the student's and the supervisor's / course leader's UCL account name.

They might take up to two weeks to be set up and are not available for research students, staff or students from other departments other than under exceptional circumstances.


The use of the Asteroid cluster is governed by the ISD Computing Regulations. Please note that account misuse may lead to withdrawal of access.

Reporting Problems

Please report any problems or issues to your supervisor or course leader. Only s/he is authorized to request administrative support by e-mailing the asteroid administrator.

An exception from this rule are broken equipment and hardware failures, which may be reported by students directly by sending an e-mail to the above address.