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U(C)LO Research Students

Although research activities in astrophysics and planetary sciences are now conducted primarily on the Bloomsbury campus, for many years the Observatory was the UCL centre for such studies (and effectively constituted the entirety of the 'Department of Astronomy'); throughout this period it was still called the 'University of London Observatory'. A number of scientists who went on to hold senior positions undertook their PhD studies here. The following notes are developed from an uncredited listing, dating from approximately 1976, discovered in 2012 while disposing of old papers. Original annotations are reproduced directly (it is presumed that anyone without a forename and not identified as "Miss" is male).

Gilbert Fielder's 'Lunar Laboratory' was established in the Observatory Annexe in the mid-1960s, and John Guest, John Murray, and Lionel Wilson worked there. Fielder, Murray, and Wilson went on to academic posts elsewhere, but Guest built up a large group at the Annexe from ca. 1970 onwards (initially with Murray), researching into both terrestrial volcanism and planetary geophysics, before transferring to Bloomsbury.

The centre of gravity of astrophysics research began to move rapidly towards Bloomsbury when the Astronomy Department merged with Physics (1974). With the closure of the Annexe in 1998, and Guest's move from Physics & Astronomy to Geological Sciences (later Earth Sciences) on Aug 1 1999, planetary-science research at Mill Hill also came to an end.

Listings post-1976 are a work in progress, largely based on anecdotal evidence, although thesis submission dates are based on Senate House library records. We would be pleased to hear from anyone with additional information, particularly in relation to Guest's group at the Annexe.

Astronomy/Astrophysics Students
Miss Violet F. White 1931–32
C.V.C. Herbert 1931–34
C.M. Chao 1937–39 MSc.
I.H.A. Rahman 1938–39
P.C. Chaudhuri 1938–39 Transferred to Glasgow at outbreak of WWII
Miss E.M. Peachy 1939–42 PhD. Subsequently Professor Margaret Burbidge FRS
R.W. Pring 1948 PhD. Second Assistant at the Observatory, 1939–46; First Assistant 1946–48.
F. Steel 1949–51 MSc
K.R.W. Brewer 1950–52 MSc
Vincent C. Reddish 1952–54 PhD. Subsequently Astronomer Royal for Scotland.
A.S. Asaad 1953–56 PhD. Subsequently Director of the Helwan Observatory
J.S. Griffith 1957–59 PhD
Jeremy B. Tatum 1957–60 PhD. Subsequently Professor of Astronomy at the University of Victoria, and at the Dominion Observatory.
Th. Saemundsson 1959–62 PhD. Subsequently at the Institute of Geophysics, Reykjavik
Brian Warner 1961–64 PhD. Subsequently Professor of Astronomy at Cape Town
Bruce Woodgate 1961–65 PhD. Subsequently NASA (including PI on the HST STIS instrument)
Carole Jordan 1962–65 PhD. Subsequently FRS, Professor of Astrophysics at Oxford.
J.A. Dawe 1963–67 PhD. Subsequently ROE, RGO, and ANU
L.M. Dougherty 1964 MSc (external student). Subsequently Head of the Department of Physics, University of Huddersfield
T. Kiang 1965 PhD. Subsequently Professor, Dunsink Observatory
Alan E. Wright 1965–68 PhD. Subsequently CSIRO, Australia
Lionel Wilson 1965–68 PhD. Subsequently Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Lancaster
M.P. Jackson "Resigned"
T. Hext "Resigned"
Michael J. Disney 1966–68 PhD. Subsequently Professor of Astronomy, Cardiff
R. Bennett 1966–70 PhD
Miss A. Brown 1966–71 PhD
R.S. Picton 1968–71 "With RAF, still to present thesis"
Miss S. Youseff 1968–71 PhD. Subsequently lecturer, University of Cairo
Peter D. Bennewith 1969–74 PhD. Subsequently lecturer, University of Pretoria
David J. Carnochan 1969–75 PhD. Subsequently Research Associate at UCL, before joining UCL administration.
J. Christopher Blades 1970–75 PhD. Subsequently worked for ESA, and at STScI
Simon Pepper 1971–75 PhD
Jon Darius 1971–76 PhD. Subsequently Senior Curator at the Science Museum
Clive Chapman 1972–? PhD; no thesis record at UoL (did not complete?)
Jeff Settle 1973–1977 PhD 1983. Subsequently Senior Research Fellow, Environmental Systems Science Centre.
Graham L. Pearce 1975– PhD 1980
David Baines PhD (did not complete)
Jerry Jacobs PhD (did not complete)
Stephen J. Fossey 1983–1986 PhD 1990. Subsequently Senior Teaching Fellow at ULO
Paul C.T. Rees 1983–1986 PhD 1990. Subsequently Professor of Optics, Glyndwr University
Ian A. Crawford 1984–1988 PhD 1988. Subsequently Professor of Planetary Science and Astrobiology, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Birkbeck College
Earth-/Planetary-Science Students
Antony W. Brian 1996? ? PhD 2002.
Mark H. Bulmer 1990?–? PhD 1994
Ben Bussey 1991?–? PhD 1995. Subsequently Johns Hopkins University (Senior Staff Scientist, Applied Physics Laboratory)
Paul Butterworth 1974–1981 PhD 1981. Subsequently Professorial Lecturer, George Washington University, and Lead Scientist, NASA/GSFC
Julie Cave ?–1991 PhD 1992
Duncan L. Copp 1993–1997 PhD 1997. Subsequently film/TV producer.
Ann Edwards PhD (did not complete).
David Heather 1994?–? PhD 2000.
Wyn Hughes 1986–1991 PhD 1991. Subsequently Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridge University Hospitals.
Christopher Kilburn 1979–1984 PhD 1984. Subsequently UCL Earth Sciences (Director, Aon Benfield UCL Hazard Centre)
Mike G. Lancaster 1990?–? PhD 1994.
Rosaly M.C. Lopes 1979–1986 PhD. Subsequently JPL (Deputy Manager, Planetary Science)
Brendan J. Moore? PhD; no thesis record at UoL (did not complete?)
John B. Murray 1967–1980 Subsequently Cambridge (PhD), OU
W.P. O'Donnell 1975–? PhD 1980.
David Pearce 1985?–? PhD (did not complete).
Cordula Robinson 1987–91 PhD 1991. Subsequently Center for Remote Sensing, Boston University, and College of Professional Studies, Northeastern University
Gill Thornhill 1983–88 PhD 1988. Subsequently Environmental Systems Science Centre, and Research Fellow, UCL Dept. of Geography.
Charles R. Wiles 1985?–? PhD (did not complete).